Great Piece On Trump And Social Media

#TrumpTrain reaches 30 million, changes how campaigns use Internet

In just a year, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his close-knit family and team of social media warriors have shattered Internet records, collecting over 30 million followers and fans and generating billions of views, according to a Secrets analysis.

The social media #TrumpTrain, as fans know it, is driven by the candidate, who touches base with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Snapchat 18-20 hours a day, sending out his own messages or quickly scanning those offered by his family and campaign team.

"The success to our social media is all Mr. Trump and his messaging. What sets his social media apart from the rest is simple — since day one, he has been directly involved and he LOVES communicating with the American people," a top aide emailed.

Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, a real estate and publishing force, and the campaign's social media director, Dan Scavino, who was general manager of Trump National Golf Club, team to run the multiple platforms, updating them many times a day with news from events, hits on Clinton and peeks behind the scenes of the unconventional campaign.

But it's the number of eyes on Trump social media platforms that even has the campaign shocked. Just consider:

The article goes on to list the following of members of the Trump family and campaign staff across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope.  The number would even higher if they added in Mike Pence and some other lower profile members of the Trump campaign like Boris Epshteyn, AJ Delgado, etc.

Interesting, though, that:

And it's all being done without the huge social media team Clinton and others in the political world, like the White House, have. Clinton, for example, has at least 100 staffers working social media platforms for her. Trump has 131 total staffers for the whole campaign, according to Federal Election Commission records.

This, if Trump wins (which I obviously hope), is a complete failure and humiliation for Clinton and her bloated political apparatus.  Trump was able to spend significantly less in the primary with a smaller staff, but he was able to win.  He is taking the same approach in the general.  Will it pay off?  It certainly sounds like it with regards to social media.  Will this translate to a win?  We're hoping. Trump wants to take this spend less, achieve more approach and use it as President.  We have seen the out of control spending in Washington and the sheer waste and ineffectiveness that sometimes occurs with tax dollars.  Trump, using his campaign as an illustration, can help this country so that less money is spent and more is achieved - a win for the taxpayers.





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