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Suggestions For Trump - Beating The Russia Narrative And Making America Great Again

After the attacks of last week in which Trump was accused of doing something egregious by sharing classified info with the Russians, in which he was accused of asking Comey to cease an investigation, in which his Comey comments from a meeting with the Russians were leaked, and wherein a special counselor was appointed for the Russia investigation (with no proof of any crimes committed), it is clear more than ever that he is under assault.  The media thinks they smell blood in the water, and their usual attacks have gone from a 10 to 20.

Turning on the television or looking online, there is obviously a lot of frustration with regard to leaks and concern with the narrative so focused on the Russia investigation instead of Trump's plans - be it Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Michael Savage,Ann Coulter, Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, Alex Jones, or Roger Stone.  These people were Trump's biggest campaign backers and still support him.  You can see this among Trump supporters in comments…

Liberals Hope that The UK is Planning To Reclaim The US

An emergency meeting has been called at Buckingham Palace for an announcement at 8:00 AM in Great Britain.  There are conflicting reports that that potentially Prince Philip has died - some started by the French media.  However, other reports are saying that he is alright, and the meeting has been called for another purpose.  This has led the internet to speculate - Twitter in particular (where it's trending).

As I began to wade through the comments on Twitter, I noticed something disturbing.  The left has taken this situation and politicized it.  They are hoping that the reason that the meeting was called is so that Britain will announce they are either reclaiming the U.S. or are going to attempt to remove Trump.

I am very hopeful that Prince Phillip is alive and well and that this meeting at #Buckingham Palace is a planning session to save USA— Annie B Hause (@AnastasiaBhause) May 4, 2017
Meeting is hopefully to say "That's it! He's…

CNN Panels Melts Down Over Trump's Rally And Bemoan The Speech Not Being "Unifying"

To celebrate his 100th day in office, which also corresponded with the White House Correspondents Dinner, President Trump skipped the dinner.   Certain media outlets like CNN were considering skipping the dinner after Trump relentlessly called them "fake news" and upped the ante by calling them "the enemy of the American people."  Trump, knowing that the media would either virtue signal and pull out of the dinner (leaving him there alone to be mocked by the media and left) or mock and attack him all night in a way they would never with Obama, decided not to attend - announcing it on Twitter on February 25th.   He decided to hold a rally with the people who are the reason that he is in office as opposed to spending the evening with the people who tried to keep him out of it. 

Trump held a rally in Pennsylvania, and knowing that the media was going to have an evening trashing him, he trashed the media.  He went after the New York Times, The Boston Globe, and called …