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CNN Lies Multiple Times To Help Hillary - Further Agenda

I have had enough. I have watched CNN for a long time. CNN has dropped most pretense of fair journalism, gone after Trump with a vengeance, and has become arguably one of the best surrogates for Hillary's campaign. In order to defend Hillary and push narratives, they are even willing to be dishonest. I have become infuriated while watching these lies, and I have decided to chronicle 16 of them. Feel free to comment and add more. 

CNN feigns outrage and offense over the Trump supporters chanting "CNN sucks!" at rallies. It's absolutely inexcusable for a news station in the United States to affect the coverage of an election through being misleading. There is a reason Trump supporters chant “CNN sucks!” CNN, populated mostly by elitist liberals, plays it off like the Trump supporters just don’t get it – that they are just doing hard reporting on Trump? Really? By being dishonest? By giving Trump disproportionately negative, constant coverage while minimi…