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Blatant Media Bias from The WaPo & CNN in Reporting Comey's Memos Had Classified Information

I now bring  you two blatant examples of media bias regarding the news that just came out about James Comey's personal memos containing classified information.  The first comes from the Washington Post and the second comes from CNN.  We all know the media loves covering anonymously sourced stories if they are negative towards the President.  CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and NBC News recycle each others' anonymously sourced stories all the time, even though they sometimes turn out to be false.  However, this shows the disparity in how they cover an anonymously sourced story if it is negative towards the President vs. if it is positive.

First, the backstory:

The Hill reported that 4 out of 7 of James Comey's infamous memos which he wrote documenting his conversations with President Trump contain classified information.  This is big news because James Comey said these were not government documents or classified but were rather personal documents of his recol…