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Harry Reid Accuses Comey Of Hiding Trump's Ties To Russia

Harry Reid accuses Comey of sitting on proof of Trump-Russia ties, possible Hatch Act violation
CBS ^ | October 30, 2016 | Reena Flores

Posted on 10/31/2016

In his last few months in the Senate, Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, isn’t pulling any punches -- especially after the recent revelations by FBI Director James Comey that more emails were found that could be related to the Clinton email probe.

The pugilistic Reid, who plans retire after finishing out this term in Congress, penned a blistering letter to Comey Sunday, accusing the FBI chief of holding back “explosive” information about Donald Trump’s close Russian ties while possibly violating the Hatch Act by reviving the Clinton email investigation.

“Your actions in recent months have demonstrated a disturbing double standard for the treatment of sensitive information, with what appears to be a clear intent to aid one political party over another,” Reid wrote, adding that through Comey’s “partisan actions, you…

Update to the Trump Accuser Questions Post

The two new women have been added.  I will post that info here with a full link to post:


Speaking at a press conference organized by attorney Gloria Allred, Virginia described waiting for a car to pick her up at the 1998 U.S. Open in Queens, New York, when she noticed Trump and a few other men looking at her.

“Hey, look at this one, we haven’t seen her before,” Trump allegedly said to his friends. “Look at those legs.”

Virginia said Trump then walked over to her and grabbed her right arm. “And then his hand touched the right inside of my breast,” she recounted. She says she flinched, and Trump turned and said to her, “Don’t you know who I am?”

Right then, Virginia said, her car arrived, and she didn’t see Trump again for many years. The next time she saw him, he didn’t remember her.

“Perhaps you do not remember me,” she said Thursday, “but I can assure you I remember you.”…

What Trump Can Do To Reach More Voters

We currently have some polls that show Trump with a 2 point lead, and then we have others, like the ABC poll that show him losing.  Trump is fighting a three pronged war against Hillary, the media, and some in his own party.

The media is minimizing (if not ignoring) the Wikileaks.  The attention given to the O'Keefe tape was so minor compared to if it were the reverse and Republicans were caught doing what they did. 

Therefore, how can he get the message out to the American people?  He is doing it at his rallies, and certainly thousands watch online, but probably a lot of those are his supporters.  I have seen this suggested by Trump supporters on Twitter, so this isn't entirely my idea. 

First, it was suggested that Trump turn his Twitter feed into a source where he can Tweet out Wikileaks and negative Clinton stories.  Trump must have seen that advice because that is being done on his Twitter feed.

Second, utilize Periscope, Facebook Live, or Youtube Live.  Trump has over 12 m…

The NYT's Obtained Trump's Illegally Obtained 1995 Tax Returns And....

Are jubilant, but I'll respond.  I'll also post the Trump campaign's response at the end.  Article:

Trump Tax Records Obtained by The Times Reveal He Could Have Avoided Paying Taxes [more]


Donald J. Trump declared a $916 million loss on his 1995 income tax returns, a tax deduction so substantial it could have allowed him to legally avoid paying any federal income taxes for up to 18 years, records obtained by The New York Times show.

The 1995 tax records, never before disclosed, reveal the extraordinary tax benefits that Mr. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, derived from the financial wreckage he left behind in the early 1990s through mismanagement of three Atlantic City casinos, his ill-fated foray into the airline business and his ill-timed purchase of the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan.

Tax experts hired by The Times to analyze Mr. Trump’s 1995 records said…