What Trump Can Do To Reach More Voters

We currently have some polls that show Trump with a 2 point lead, and then we have others, like the ABC poll that show him losing.  Trump is fighting a three pronged war against Hillary, the media, and some in his own party.

The media is minimizing (if not ignoring) the Wikileaks.  The attention given to the O'Keefe tape was so minor compared to if it were the reverse and Republicans were caught doing what they did. 

Therefore, how can he get the message out to the American people?  He is doing it at his rallies, and certainly thousands watch online, but probably a lot of those are his supporters.  I have seen this suggested by Trump supporters on Twitter, so this isn't entirely my idea. 

First, it was suggested that Trump turn his Twitter feed into a source where he can Tweet out Wikileaks and negative Clinton stories.  Trump must have seen that advice because that is being done on his Twitter feed.

Second, utilize Periscope, Facebook Live, or Youtube Live.  Trump has over 12 million followers on Twitter.  If Trump goes live on Periscope, for example, this will not only reach them, but it will reach people they retweet.  It's unconventional and may even be covered by the media to some extent.

Trump can read the Wikileaks and the news the media is ignoring.  The media won't cover it like we want?  Bypass them.

Trump can do a different theme each night talking about jobs, trade, the economy, crime, school choice, the 2nd Amendment, immigration, foreign policy, faith, etc.  I'm not talking about a big policy speech but rather just a face to face with the American people explaining why his policy will benefit America and help the person watching.  If anyone saw the Facebook Live post debate, Trump's advisors were on there discussing things.  What Trump could do is do is do a Q&A or discussion with a friendly moderator or have guests like Rudy, Jeff Sessions, Pastor Jeffries, Sheriff Clarke, women who have defended him or who support his campaign like Diamond and Silk, AJ Delgado, Lynne Patton, Carrie Prejean, etc.  He could have his strongest surrogates, his family, on there.

It's a way that has never been done before by a Presidential candidate.  We know Trump prides himself on breaking the mold and thinking outside the box.  The media isn't with you, so bypass them and become the media.

There are still undecided Americans out there.  That's why the polls move.  Trump can reach these people by speaking directly to them.  They might not go to or watch a rally, but they might watch something being Tweeted out or posted on Facebook or Youtube by one of their friends.


  1. For the love of God, someone in the Trump campaign needs to listen to this stuff...
    He should hammer the return of accountability and faith in government. Here are his two themes. One is red meat for his base and the other is a plea to the appalled and disgusted middle.
    1. Law and order within the government. He should reiterate that he would look into the trail of corruption of ALL past administrations.
    a. He would start by releasing FBI personnel who investigated Hillary from their NDAs and
    b. immediately appoint an Independent Counsel for investigation of CF and affiliates during her tenure at State.
    2. Immediately appoint an independent review of the FBI investigation including oversight, review and proceedings of the investigative processes pertaining to mishandling of classified documents and destruction of records.
    3. Immediate introduce policies by EO and then legislation that anyone asserting their 5th amendment privilege in the course of a congressional or legal investigation for activity being investigated as a person fulfilling duties requiring that of Public Trust shall be immediately removed said position and permanently disbarred for further positions of Public Trust. Furthermore all benefits and retirement provision shall be irreversibly revoked from all positions, including all previous positions of Public Trust.
    The justification for number 3 is simple, if you refuse to answer questions during your security clearance investigations, that is grounds for immediate disqualification for said Public Trust.
    If Donald rolled this out during the last debate...THE RACE WOULD BE OVER!!!


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