Trump Calls Media "Enemy of the American People"

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump  60m 60 minutes ago

The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!

They aren't the enemy for the left as leftists enjoy praising all networks (except Fox) and adore papers such as The Failing New York Times and The Washington Compost.  A new tactic of leftists is to go the Twitter feeds of whiny political reporters like Jim Acosta (who literally had a drawing a "fan" gave him showing him with tape over his mouth as though he has been silenced).  They go there, fawn over them, and call them the saviors of democracy from Trump (who they believe is Hitler).  Trump daring to criticize these people is against democracy according to them.

The media hysteria feeds them, and they feed the media, and that brings us to this Trump Tweet.  This has sent them overboard.  They are Tweeting feverishly from their bunkers where they are hiding from Putin that Trump must go, it's the end of democracy, blah blah blah.

For the record, the press has treated conservatives differently than liberals for years because the majority of reporters are liberal.  Only 7.1% of reporters identify as Republicans, and even the Washington Post reported this study:

A lot identify as "independent" which is a cover that fools no one.

It might be worse under Trump, but it would be bad with any Republican.  The coverage differential of negative between Trump and Hillary was massive:

They engage in Groupthink.  Recall how every media outlet, after Trump's convention speech, used the word "dark" to describe it - articles all posted around the same time:

You would have thought they would get a new adjective for Trump's Inaugural speech, but nope, they all stuck with "dark":

They suddenly remember how to do journalism when a Republican is in office. If the media isn't lying flat out (which they sometimes are - see my CNN article), they are lying by omission by only telling half the story (like about the refugee or illegal immigration situation) or by going harder on Republicans than Democrats to make Democrats look better.  Could you imagine if Benghazi, Fast and Furious, or IRS scandal occurred under Trump?  They'd be calling for impeachment!  If they applied the same scrutiny to a Democrat president as they do to Republican presidents, I wouldn't care, but they don't.  This also includes editorializing in articles and overt bias on Twitter.

When the media relentlessly attacks Trump in partisan fashion and tries to find a way to impeach him (their ultimate goal), they aren't just attacking him, they are attacking the voters who supported him and the positions he/we stand for.  The media doesn't understand Trump voters and flyover country, and they don't care to.  If they did, they would have a newsroom with more diversified thought.  They don't.  They just don't get it.  While millions of Americans cheered Trump's press conference and thought it was excellent, a parallel universe splashed across television and newspaper headlines where Trump (who by the way predicted perfectly how they would react) was crazy, unhinged, and out of touch with the U.S.  Want proof they don't get it?  See this Tweet by Joe Scarborough:

Only a FAKE PRESIDENT would declare the First Amendment to be the enemy of the American people.

It takes an impressive amount of mental gymnastics to arrive at such a conclusion from Trump's Tweet.  I don't recall Trump EVER declaring the First Amendment the enemy of the American people.  I recall Trump calling out the media for overt bias and relentless attacks that reverberate off of him and also unto his supporters who have few voices in the mainstream press to represent their view.   The media seems to think that the First Amendment entitles them to write whatever they want WITHOUT criticism.  If you are going to wage a partisan war, media, don't whine when you are hit back.  The First Amendment is a two way highway.  If the press coverage was fair, then maybe we could talk, but right now, the only people who consider it fair are partisan fellow liberals and a handful of virtue signaling RINOs.  Joe Scarborough, however, is a fake pundit.  Trump isn't following the playbook of most Republicans - which is roll over and beg the media to be nice to them.  It's refreshing. 


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