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Republican US senator: I'm open to subpoena of Trump's taxes (Usual Suspects Alert)

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PORTLAND, Maine — Republican Maine U.S. Sen. Susan Collins says she's open to using a subpoena to investigate Republican President Donald Trump's tax returns for potential connections to Russia.

Collins sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election. She appeared on Maine Public radio Wednesday to talk about issues including the investigation. Collins was asked if the committee would subpoena Trump. She said she hopes for "voluntary cooperation" but is open to using a subpoena if necessary.

Trump has refused to disclose his tax returns, saying he's under IRS audit.

Collins also says she'll call for former national security adviser Michael Flynn to testify before the intelligence committee. She says the committee is in the midst of a "broad investigation" about Russian interference and it's too early to speculate about the results.

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Usual suspect. That said, what is wrong with these people? Prior to the election, there were elected Republicans that did not support Trump for two basic reasons:

1. They didn't think he could win, and they didn't want to be associated with Trump and his policies if he lost. They thought it would hurt them and the GOP future to stand by him.

2. They didn't want him to win because he threw into turmoil their establishment politics, and they would rather he lost and their party not be in power so they could continue the status quo. To them, it really didn't matter if they were the majority party as long as they were part of the establishment.
For some it was a combination of both.

I would say these things sentiments apply in a slightly new way:

1. They know that he won, but they are told by the media that he isn't popular, so they think turning on him will be more beneficial to their own reelection chances and the future of the party. They adhere to the MSM narrative.

2. They don't care if he succeeds or want him to because his anti-establishment policies shake up the establishment they are a part of. They want to get back to the status quo, even if it means losing elections. They care about MSM accolades (John McCain & Lindsey Graham).

For those who subscribe to number one, I must inform them that a poll came out that showed that Republicans prefer Trump to the Republican Congress right now. The attitude that they took prior to him taking office where they listen to the MSM narrative about Trump and think its better for their own futures to go against him is wrong. If it weren't for Trump, we'd have President Clinton right now. Only Trump was able to flip that blue wall. Some of these people rode in on Trump's coattails. Many Trump voters are more loyal to Trump than the GOP establishment, and if they toss Trump under the bus, they risk being primaried or losing their seat.

The bottom line - COULD YOU EVER IMAGINE THE DEMOCRATS DOING THIS? The left whines that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are not helping them in their quest to go after Trump, but could you imagine us whining to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for help in going after Obama? Could you imagine the Democrats going after one of their own no matter what that person does? NO! They circle the wagons. Bernie Sanders lost his shot to be President because the DNC rigged the primaries against him for pete's sake, and he still sold his soul to the DNC and voted for Hillary.


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