Suggestions For Trump - Beating The Russia Narrative And Making America Great Again

After the attacks of last week in which Trump was accused of doing something egregious by sharing classified info with the Russians, in which he was accused of asking Comey to cease an investigation, in which his Comey comments from a meeting with the Russians were leaked, and wherein a special counselor was appointed for the Russia investigation (with no proof of any crimes committed), it is clear more than ever that he is under assault.  The media thinks they smell blood in the water, and their usual attacks have gone from a 10 to 20.

Turning on the television or looking online, there is obviously a lot of frustration with regard to leaks and concern with the narrative so focused on the Russia investigation instead of Trump's plans - be it Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Michael Savage,Ann Coulter, Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, Alex Jones, or Roger Stone.  These people were Trump's biggest campaign backers and still support him.  You can see this among Trump supporters in comments on Twitter or Breitbart as well. 

Here's the thing, though, everyone is still behind him.  People want him to succeed, and we agree that this Russia collusion thing is a media witch hunt.  Michael Savage, on his show, took suggestions from people that Trump could use to help his Presidency.  An article was posted on Breitbart about Savage's show, and people responded with suggestions.  Mike Cernovich has given suggestions about Trump's media team.  Alex Jones has brought people on with suggestions, especially with regard to leaks.

Here are mine:


Stop Tweeting about Russia.  Anything said the Democrats could try to use against him.  They want to impeach him over this concocted, phony scandal.  Anytime Trump talks about it, it throws a log on their fire and gives the media more reason to talk about it and potentially gives the left ammo.  There is a special counsel now.  Ignore it, let them froth themselves into a rage over it, and let the truth come out. 


I think we know that the media and leakers (at least for the time being) are going to try to go after Trump with the latest "crisis."  Therefore, when these things occur, Trump and his staff should sit down, draft a message, and everyone from Trump on down should stick to and not deviate from the message at all.  Deviations give the media fodder.


Trump made a mistake that some (myself included) picked up on during transition.  He allowed Never Trump folks and establishment Republicans to weasel their way into his orbit.  Roger Stone said that he went in to Trump Tower after the election, and he saw people there who were establishment Republicans who never supported Trump.  Some of these people have wormed their way into the Administration.  I voiced my opinion at the time that I was concerned about some of the people being brought in - that they were people whose past actions and statements did not match those of what Trump ran on. 

The amount of leaks that are coming from within this White House and the fact that these leaks are to publications that are particularly critical of Trump, indicates that Never Trump, establishment Republicans have gotten into the White House.  These people go to hostile publications and are trashing Trump to them - saying things that only his worst enemies would say.  It's either they merely hate him or are actively working to discredit him if not get him impeached.  Either way, these leaks are damaging to his Presidency, and it's time to do a purge. 


This is not good because it is leaving Obama holdovers and acting career people in place in these positions - people that are not loyal to Trump.  There are hundreds of government positions Trump can fill with people loyal to him and his agenda, and that's important because many in government and some on his staff are not supporting him.  Trump had mentioned not wanting to fill every position to shrink government, but that won't work because the position will be filled by a career official or Obama holdover.  Trump needs to fill these positions with people loyal to him.  He is fighting against Democrats, the media, the intelligence agencies, and even some in his own party.  He needs a full staff willing to fight for him.


There is a hostile intelligence community right now that is leaking classified information.  Trump is going to have to clean house.  There are various former intelligence agents or people with knowledge of these agencies interviewed on Fox News, Alex Jones, that do their own videos, etc.  These people have experience with how the intelligence agencies work.  Bring a group of former intelligence people together who support Trump, and have them work to figure out how to best clean house.  Either do that or get rid of all Obama's appointees.  It is probably them leaking, but we know that Bush neocons are just as hateful to Trump.  Lt Col Tony Shaffer on Lou Dobbs said that Trump should get rid of the top two levels of the agencies and bring in his own people.  I'm not opposed, but with the investigation going on, the Dems will try to portray it as Trump trying to obstruct justice.


The term #fakenews is actually more relevant than ever, but one criticism that I see from the left and even some of the people who voted for him who now claim to be former supporters, is that Trump is using the term #fakenews because he just doesn't like negative stories.  It's time for Trump to go on the offense with the media:

a) When the media prints a fake story (Trump broke his promise on NAFTA, Trump broke his promise on NATO, Rosenstein threatened to resign, The FBI asked for more resources, Russia hacked the electric grid, etc.), post their own fact check.  Post the incorrect news, and then post the truth.  This can be done with a little video, with a memo style note to Twitter, etc. just showing the fake news and then the real news as corrected/retracted later by either the same outlet, another outlet, and/or by the Administration.  Be sure to show the number of retweets and shares the fake news got.  (Be very careful, though, if the Administration corrects it that it is done with 100% accuracy or the media will skewer)  I would run a Twitter account dedicated to exposing the media's fake news.  Then Trump could Retweet that separately if he chooses.  The Washington Post is keeping track of what they say are Trump lies right now, so do the same in reverse.

b) When the media point blank lies and tells Trump's supporters he is flip flopping or selling them out, he should do a video and post it to his Twitter feed either pointing out the media lie or explaining why (if he felt he had to) he changed his position and why he feels that will be best.  This is a way he can respond to claims like he flip flopped on NATO/NAFTA, explain his healthcare bill, explain that his tax policy is what he promised on the campaign trail (not a sell out like libs are saying), etc.

c) Stop doing interviews with hostile outlets that have nothing but disdain.  The Harvard study shows the degree of bias the media has - particularly CNN, NBC, WaPo, NYT, CBS, ABC, etc.  Therefore, don't grant them interviews and minimize the questions these outlets receive at press conferences.  The reporters for these outlets are on Twitter.  They make their hatred of Trump known.  There is no reason to enable the opposition party - no matter how entitled they are and how much they screech and whine.  Do interviews with reporters from Fox, One America News Now, and various other conservative and independent publications.  Do them with local reporters - invite reporters from local outlets throughout the country for interviews.

d) Let the American people ask questions.  Do a live Q & A online.  Obviously, the questions would have to be pre-selected because #TheResistance would could ruin it by saying something vile live, but it cuts out the media.


One thing Trump did during the campaign was change the subject.  Maybe the media was focused on one thing that he said, but then he would say something else, and the previous thing would lose traction.  Granted, it's not good to go from one media hysteria controversy to another, but my point is that Trump should frame the narrative.  Now that a special counselor is involved and saying anything only leads to media hysteria and could possibly be damaging, go to work with the agenda. 

a) Mike Cernovich suggested, and I concur, turn Trump's Twitter feed (or set up a separate Twitter feed that he RTs) into a Drudge style format.  Link to news articles that are relevant to his agenda that he is trying to accomplish and/or at that are good news.  Maybe the news is bad news, but it's something Trump wants to fix.  He can Tweet that with a response.  Cernovich suggests up to 10 articles a day.

b) Gather the Republican House and Senate and ask them to really buckle down to start getting things done legislatively.

c) Take the show on the road - Go out there and campaign for the agenda.  Show the voters the negative media attention can't keep him down.  Talk to voters at rallies, town halls, etc.  Do visits at companies or places where his policies will have an impact.

d) Trump campaigned on inner city outreach.  Go to the inner cities and meet with people.  Start a commission that will look at the inner city issues and see what can be done.  It doesn't have to be all government solutions but get the private sector involved.

e) Trump campaigned on fighting the drug epidemic.  Meet with charities, organizations, former addicts, etc.  Chris Christie will be heading the commission on the drug epidemic, so show involvement and interest in combating this scourge.

f) Trump also spoke out against sex trafficking and did a round table the media barely covered as they focused on important things like their Russia scandal.   There have been articles done by local news outlets only or, if they make it, barely covered in the MSM that show huge sex trafficking/pedophile ring busts since Trump took office.  Trump should highlight these articles and these numbers.  This is an area where Trump could do a bipartisan commission including the government and private sector.  Trump should continue to do round tables, meet with organizations, charities, etc.  This is an issue that is serious, needs addressed, and will have bipartisan support.

g) Livestream!  Trump should utilize this.  He keeps bringing the media back into meetings and roundtables that he has.  These get streamed live to the White House on YouTube and a few other YouTube accounts.  Trump's people then post a small excerpt on Twitter.  The media is back there in those meetings and roundtables filming them, and they barely cover them!  If they cover them, it's a sentence or two.  Instead, they use the opportunity to try to get a question in on their latest Russian conspiracy or controversy they are in hysteria over.  However, despite the fact these things are being streamed live, I think they would get more attention if Trump's people also streamed them over Periscope as well.  The media doesn't even have to be invited back anymore - they don't report stuff except negativity and Russia hysteria anyway. 

Trump's people should list the events of the day and times, and Trump's Twitter account should announce when he is about to go live.  People will watch.  People like Dan Scavino, Kellyanne, etc. Tweeting these things out will alert people too.  They could either have a Twitter account listing events of the day and upcoming streams, do it via Trump's Twitter, or both. 

People would be fascinated if Trump livestreamed a "day in the life."  It's something no other President in history has done.  His supporters would love it, the media wouldn't be able to help themselves and would cover it, and his haters would grumble but probably watch.  He could do this from time to time.  Obviously there are things that can't be shown, but there is plenty that can be.  This would be especially cool if done when he is on a trip.

Following in the livestream mode, do a tour of the White House and post it.  Most Americans will probably never get a chance to see the White House in person, so that would be cool to see, and we know Trump enjoys giving people tours.  


In my opinion the Republicans should let Obamacare collapse and swoop in and save it.  Right now, the media and Democrats have campaigned well enough for Obamacare that it is more popular now than it was prior to Trump taking office, and the popularity of the GOP bill is lower.  Trump campaigned on taking care of those who needed care with his replacement.  Trump won in part because he had crossover votes from the Blue Wall who are anticipating a good replacement.  There are also a portion of people who voted for Trump who are on Obamacare/Medicaid or who are seniors who could see a premium increase or. 

Once the GOP passes their bill, they own healthcare.  The problem with healthcare is that it's never perfect, and someone, somewhere is going to have a bad experience with the GOP bill.  The media will find that person and as many as they can and put out piece after piece on the "devastating" affects of the GOP healthcare bill.  The Democrats have owned healthcare, and it cost them dearly.  Common sense would think that the GOP plan would be popular, but the lack of explaining and campaigning for it has allowed the media and Democrats to define the narrative and raise a lot of points about the healthcare bill that are causing objections.  Therefore, I would let them own it all the way until Obamacare's collapse.  This way, you won't have the opposition saying that you are taking away healthcare, letting people die, etc. because it will be on them when Obamacare fails.

That said, it looks like the GOP is going to go forward with healthcare reform.  If so, they and Trump need to get out there and campaign for it.  First of all, the media and Democrats have been allowed to entirely define the narrative.  We KNOW the GOP won seats from local, state, and national in part because of Obamacare.  Obamacare is failing for a lot of Americans, but you wouldn't know it.  You know why?  Because we don't see these people because the media isn't going to show them!   The Democrats are out there with Obamacare success stories, yet where is the GOP with the failures of Obamacare? 

Trump's team should Tweet out info/articles about cost of rising premiums and deductibles.  Where are the rallies, press conferences, town halls or videos showing people whose premiums and deductibles are too high? 

Where the rallies, press conferences, town halls, or videos showing the people paying the fine vs. getting the insurances? 

Where are the rallies, press conferences, town halls, or videos of the small business owners impacted?

Trump did a roundtable with some of these people, but it got minimal if any media coverage, despite Trump allowing the media to film it.  Do a rally and have these people speak at the beginning.  Do a press conference which the media will be forced to cover, and have these people speak at the beginning.  Do Town hall with people who have suffered as a result of Obamacare.  Trump, his staff like Kellyanne, Dan, etc. and the GOP need to be doing meetings with these people and putting up articles as well as livestreaming/posting videos.   People need to see the failures of Obamacare.  For good measure, some of Trump's voters are on Obamacare, and Trump should talk with people who are doing well with Obamacare and explain why his plan won't hurt them.


Trump campaigned on that wall - it was a signature campaign promise, and it played a part in helping him to get elected.  However, the Democrats, and even some Republicans who are emboldened by Trump's low approval ratings, plus their allies in the media are going to do everything they can to block it.  We hear the Democrats' arguments, see their marches, and see/read the media reports in opposition to the wall.  Where are Trump and the Republicans who support the wall arguments?

Trump needs to do what Trump does well - campaign for the wall.   Go down there and have rallies in these border states.

The border patrol agents endorsed Trump and said they need the wall.  Bring out these border patrol agents to talk about the struggles of their job and why the wall will help them.  Either bring them to the rallies, or  do a press conference (the media will cover it live), or film them and post it to social media.

Follow the same line of thinking with victims of illegal immigration.  Bring out these people who have lost loved ones or had loved ones impacted or have been personally impacted by crime, drugs, trafficking, etc. as a result of illegal immigration.  Either bring them to rallies, do a press conference, or film them and post it to social media.  Talk as well about the drug trade, sex trafficking, abuse, and death that displays the dangers for those attempting to cross.  After all, women suffer abuse and people die or are killed trying to cross.

Use Twitter to post negative articles about the impact of illegal immigration.  Make sure people know that the cost of the wall is significantly less than the annual cost of illegal immigration by at least $80 million.

If Schumer blocks the wall (credit to Mike Cernovich for this), create Schumer's Wall of Shame.  Every time a person is a victim of crime, every time drugs are caught being brought over the border, and every time sex traffickers are caught or a victim of sex trafficking as a result of the open border is found, add it to Schumer's Wall of Shame.  Send out a press release every time to the Congressmen, Senators, and post it on social media.  Make Schumer and the Dems own it.


The bottom line is that Trump has a base of people who are very supportive of him.  He needs these people to stay on board because these are the people who are fighting for him day in and day out.  I would recommend having staff check the biggest pro-Trump forums online for thoughts and talk to Trump supporters (possibly send out questionnaires to those on campaign mailing list) to get feedback.  Trump still should have rallies at times for his supporters.  The base is behind him right now, and he needs to keep them because they are the one constant right now.


  1. Suggestion for Trump:
    Shut up, stay off Twitter, and get something done.
    Actions speak louder than words.

  2. Not, stay on twitter trump. It's the only way you can defeat the lies of the MSM.


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