Liberals Hope that The UK is Planning To Reclaim The US

An emergency meeting has been called at Buckingham Palace for an announcement at 8:00 AM in Great Britain.  There are conflicting reports that that potentially Prince Philip has died - some started by the French media.  However, other reports are saying that he is alright, and the meeting has been called for another purpose.  This has led the internet to speculate - Twitter in particular (where it's trending).

As I began to wade through the comments on Twitter, I noticed something disturbing.  The left has taken this situation and politicized it.  They are hoping that the reason that the meeting was called is so that Britain will announce they are either reclaiming the U.S. or are going to attempt to remove Trump.

This person continues:

(Complete with a picture of the Queen wearing a red hat that says "Make America Great Britain Again")

But wait!:

Moving along:

(With an image of the The Queen saying "Time To Retake The Colonies")

(With an image of James Bond saying, "...And Donald Trump, mam?" The Queen replies, "Make it look like an accident 007.")

However, even a Brit joined in:

I saw a conservative remark to one these tweets begging England to reclaim that they could have the blue states! Ha!

So that's the state of anti-Trump hysteria on the left - hating Trump so much they are longing to be reclaimed by the UK or are hoping the UK is plotting to take him out.

A conservative reply should end this:


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