Could Trump Risk His Base With the Wrong Immigration Deal?

In 2013, Trump tweeted two things:

.@GOP need to face reality – not one of the illegal immigrants granted amnesty will vote Republican.

Amnesty is suicide for Republicans.Not one of those 12 million who broke our laws will vote Republican.Obama is laughing at @GOP.

I took the opportunity to watch the full meeting Trump had at the White House today.  It was nearly an hour, and it was bipartisan.  Trump stated unequivocally his support for DACA.  I'm honestly torn on DACA.  I did support it at one time, but after watching them bussed in for a protest wherein they attacked Trump and conservatives, watching their protests and seeing them even interrupt people on their side like Nancy Pelosi when she was speaking, and seeing multiple dreamers interviewed who want amnesty not only for their families but open borders to bring over more relatives, my support has decreased.

In the meeting, Trump spoke of a clean DACA bill at one point when Senator Feinstein suggested it, but after Kevin McCarthy interjected, Trump noted that his idea of a clean bill must include the wall and an end to chain migration and the visa lottery.  However, he later began to speak of comprehensive immigration reform next after this bill.  Trump, just like DACA, may be referring to comprehensive immigration reform differently than we would traditionally think with a lot of concessions for us, but in the traditional sense, that is usually just amnesty or a reward for breaking our laws.  He noted that the "far right" and "far left" might not be happy with him, but that he was willing to take the heat.  Trump, at the end, noted that he had faith in the people in the room to get something done, and that he would sign whatever they put on his desk.

I'm torn between whether or not I should feel concerned like Ann Coulter (who is currently having a meltdown) or not, but for now, I'll wait and see what happens.  I saw some of the Republicans in the room shaking their head at the prospect of amnesty, so I hope they stick to their guns.  I will say this, I understand Trump doesn't have 60 and will probably have to concede DACA to get enforcement, but the reality is the DACA people won't be grateful to him.  Trump's Tweets were correct in 2013 that they will vote Democrat (they want to get amnesty for their family as well).  We know this because a leaked memo from a leftist group just specified the importance of using illegal immigration for electoral success.  That alone will make it more difficult for a Republican to win the swing states.  If you add in the other 11 million (and come on - it's way more than that now), it's over.  The Democrats will whine that it is terrible I made it about politics.  Nonsense - it is to them as well as that memo shows.  They would never argue for 11 million people to become citizens and vote Republican.  Beyond that, there is the broader point that Trump emphasized while campaigning, we either have a country or we don't.  A country is defined by both laws and borders, and both should be enforced.

Trump saying he will take the heat of the "far right" is not a wise thing to say because the "far right" is Trump's most fervent base - the ones defending him against a negative media onslaught, keeping his polls steady so he doesn't go below a certain percent, that are researching to help him fight the latest Russia attack, media attack, Dem attack, etc.  They are the line that is protecting Trump from impeachment because they are the people who will vote in the next elections.  One thing we know about Republicans is that they don't turn out to vote when they are angry.  They don't vote Democrat, but they do stay home...which helps the Democrat.  Trump ran on a tough immigration platform, and guess what?  Despite the media and Dems calling him heartless, a racist, etc., Trump won on this platform in states Republicans haven't won for decades.

This is a tough situation because Trump will never likely have the 60 and Mitch won't get rid of the filibuster, so Trump has to do some compromising to get his agenda through.  Here are things he should be requiring, though:

1. The Wall
2. Visa entry/exit tracking system
3. People who come over illegally should not be caught and released into the interior but should be immediately deported.
4. End of sanctuary cities
5. End of benefits to illegals
6. End of chain migration
7. End of visa lottery
8. E-Verify
9. End of birthright citizenship

You do all these things - just these things - and you are going have a lot of people either not coming or leaving who are here illegally.  If Democrats cared about the rule of law at all, they would support these simple, common sense things.  They don't, however.  Every single one of them is a fight.  Trump should put forth a bill with these things in them and barnstorm the country.  Go out there and do rallies all along the border and in swing states and hit these points and keep asking over and over why the Democrats don't care about security.  As he said during the campaign, when these things are done, THEN we look at what to do with the people who are still here.  Democrats won't do these things, and Trump should keep asking why over and over and over again because the majority of Americans support most of these things and bring border patrol agents to talk about why they want the wall and the dangers they face.  We shouldn't have to make a compromise for people who came here illegally of their own accord in order to enforce the law.  I think this would help him in the midterms.

The bottom line is, I hope that Trump gets the above 9 things done, and I hope he keeps his campaign promises against amnesty for people who violated the law because people didn't vote for Jeb!  If they wanted amnesty they'd have voted for him or Grahamnesty (who proudly touted that nickname at the meeting).  They didn't.  They voted for Trump.  Betrayal of voters who have fought for Trump for so long would be a shame.


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