CNN Cut Drunk Don Lemon's Mic When He Started Saying 2016 Was Awful!

CNN's New Year's Eve coverage featured Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin in NYC and then had various anchors/reporters at other locations. They put Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon together in New Orleans. They cut to them throughout the night, and at 12:30, they went to them for the last half hour of live coverage to ring in the new year in New Orleans which is in Central time zone.

Don Lemon was clearly drunk when they came on the air at 8:00. As the night wore on, he climbed up on the bar, was pouring drinks, drinking drinks, doing shots, etc. There was a tattoo parlor across the street, and he ended up having someone come over so he could get his ear pierced. This was all before 12:30, and he actually considered getting his nipple pierced instead.

At 12:30 they went fully over to Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin. He began by stating that he's thinking about getting into a relationship this year and said he's hard to date because he does him and doesn't care what people think of him.

There was brief joking mention of him getting a Trump tattoo (which was quashed). Any viewer of his show can tell he dislikes Trump, but he/CNN tries to feign objectivity. Yet the reason they was joking over him getting that Trump tattoo was because everyone knows he doesn't like Trump.

Don Lemon got more drinks from the bar & then he danced on this bar thing as the night wore on.

At the end of the show, when midnight hit, Don Lemon says that, "2016 WAS AWFUL!" Bam! At that point, CNN cut the mic and went to music and fireworks. It seemed like they were going to cut in at some point but then went out.

I have a feeling they cut the mic then because they were scared he was going to start bashing Trump.

It's ok, CNN. We've seen his show. It's not like it would be shocking.


When CNN finally did come in, Don Lemon (who is gay) asked Brooke Baldwin to marry him. Of course, this is the same guy who said to Kathy Griffin last year on the NYE special, "Nice rack," on live TV after Kathy Griffin stripped down to her underwear.


To conclude the night, they interviewed people in the crowd and asked people where they would like to travel to this year. They found some despondent liberals who wanted to time travel to before Trump's election. Haha!

CNN might have thought they were fooling people by cutting that mic, but they fooled no one. We know why he thought the year was terrible. Liberals' new refrain is that 2016 was the worst year ever.

Check out this video by Paul Joseph Watson:


Anyway, we'll never know if actually ripped into Trump or if CNN was just afraid he would.

Nevertheless, CNN should have let him finish without cutting the mic. We would not have been surprised. The honesty would have been refreshing.


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